Ryder Survives And Now Thrives

Ryder was just like any other 2 year old boy. Enjoying the early summer outside, going swimming, and playing in the dirt with his cousins. When he first got sick, his mom was informed that he had diarrhea and she needed to change his diet. Over the next two weeks Ryder continued to get worse and the doctors continued to send him home telling her the pain would soon pass. On July 5th the pain became too much for Ryder, to point where he couldn't even walk anymore. The doctors finally took an ultrasound with showed a mass in his stomach. Ryder was medivac to BC Children’s Hospital later that night.

After a series of test Ryder was diagnosed with a Wilms Tumor (kidney cancer). He went in for emergency surgery because his tumor had burst. He spent the following week in PICU, but made it to the oncology ward just in time to celebrate his 3rd birthday.

Ryder started chemo after surgery and was soon able to go to the Ronald McDonald house. By the end of September it was determined that the chemo was not working, and that his tumor was only getting bigger. It was decided that they could no longer wait and Ryder went into surgery on October 1st to remove his tumor. The surgery was a success and the Surgeons removed the tumor, which weighed 4lbs, and his kidney. He started radiation treatment not long after.

In November, 5 months after this terrify journey began, Ryder was finally cleared to return home. Ryder continued his treatment in Fort St. John and on march 1st, 2013 Doctors from BCCH were happy to announce he was in remission.

Ryder is now back to be a normal 3 year, and looking at him now its hard to imagine that just a short while ago he was fighting for his life.

Ryder's journey is something that no child should ever have to endure. It was the most terrifying and heartbreaking thing to have see my tiny 3yr old nephew go through. He is the strongest and most stubborn (something I am happy he inherited from his mother) child I have ever had the privilege of knowing. We are so thankful for the amazing doctors and nurses at BCCH. They were so patient and understanding through this whole process and we are forever indebted to them.

Sarah Stenton
CrossFit 187